Friday, August 6, 2010

Amber + Bryan: Leather Las Vegas Wedding Invitations

Amber shocked me when she told me that she and Bryan were going to be married in Las Vegas. All of the time that I've known Amber (she is my hair stylist)she has always said that when she got married, they would just run away and do it alone. I was so honored that she asked me to make her invitations and let me do whatever my heart desired.

I knew immediately that I wanted to incorporate black leather into the wedding invitations. Bryan is a big bike enthusiast and both Bryan and Amber love tattoos. The leather was perfect for the couple and their style.

The invitation was designed as a large accordian style and I made a custom Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

Because the wedding is going to be very small and intimate, the wording was very informal and written as three separate hand written notes to the guest.

The accordian was backed by two padded leather pieces and wrapped shut with three real leather straps.

Red box mailers were used to mail the leather wedding invitations and I designed custom Las Vegas Roulette postage stamps.


Ana Skidmore said...

These are so awesome! If I got this invitation in the mail, I would be booking my flight within minutes!

Tracie said...

these are fabulous!! You rock!