Monday, March 16, 2009

Brett + Nick: Music Inspired

I have never done a music themed wedding before and now I have had two weddings a week apart! I have been talking with Brett since last July. Two things have not changed about her invitation since then - she wanted a Chicago Skyline and she wanted something with a music theme for her wedding invitations. We talked about music notes floating up from the skyline and different music motifs. Then I got the idea to make vintage record album wedding invitations.

This project proved to be one of the most researched invitations to date. I talked with many suppliers and vendors to figure out the best way to print and manufacture the 45 RPM album jackets. The record album jackets are printed with the Chicago skyline. I designed their monogram and it became the logo on all of their pieces.

The back of the album jacket was designed with their wedding invitation.

It took some hunting, but I found vintage 45 RPM record albums. I designed custom record album labels and had them custom cut. The reception information on the "A" side and the accommodations information is on the flip or "B" side of the record.

If I have to choose a favorite part of this invitation, it would be the vintage concert ticket style response cards. I used vintage Rolling Stones, Beatles and Led Zeppelin tickets as inspiration. The response card tears off for the guest to retain the travel and directions information.

The reponse card says "This portion to be given up". Although I wonder how many guests will keep it. ;) Other details that I adore are the responses: "will attend" and "need a rain check". And the names line asks for the ticket holder's names.

The response date itself is designed after one of the dates on my inspiration tickets.

Custom stamps were added to complete the response card and were designed with the same record album logo monogram. And the large outer envelopes have two skyline stamps and printed with "Do Not Bend".

Thank you Brett. You've not only changed the way I think about invitations, but the way I do business. You inspired to me come up with an invitation that is more unique than anything I ever thought could possibly come out of my little head!


Brett Ashley McKenzie said...

I literally have tears in my eyes. I'm going to sit in a folding chair outside and wait for the UPS guy tomorrow... just like someone waiting for concert tickets :)

Thank YOU Tifany, these are a dream come true.

LVWeddingConcierge said...

These are SOOOOO cool!