Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some of Kristie's extras

I typically wait until all of the extras for a wedding are finished. But Kristie has so many that I thought I'd post the first round that she picked up today. Pictured here are here multi-colored favor tags. Be sure to look at her page for her unity candle, programs, bar menu, and bathroom basket sign!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another out of state wedding

... but Kayla is from Massachusetts! She asked me to make her programs and placecards that are favor tags. Her colors are cranberry and navy blue and the pieces came out great with a monogram that carries through the theme.

Anni's extras

Annie's panels are one of my favorites this year with all of the fall colors. Her extras carry on with the colors and swirl theme. Pictured here is her unity candle and matching tapers and unity candle holder. Click here to see her seating chart, programs, table numbers, and even addressed thank yous.

Melissa's Extras

Melissa had my first reserved signs! Her wedding is up in Manistee and the reception is at a restaurant. They felt that they did not need assigned seating. But she did splurge on menus for each place setting. To see her set, click here.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Watch out Detroit, Chicago is taking over!

Nearly 20-25% of my orders next year are coming from out of state... and the majority of those are in Chicago! Chicago brides have the best ideas and I've had a blast working with all of them so far. Erica was no exception. My first to use the Chicago skyline, I'm a little nervous what I'm going to do for the next request because I don't repeat designs. ;) To see my first Portrait invitation with reveal, click here.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Whew, this week is finally over

I knew going into the last two weeks that it was going to be my busiest time this year. I hadn't anticipated the little amount of sleep that I would get though :-\ With 8 pickups and 2 shipments this week, not to mention three consults, I deserved my last two nights - over 8 hours of sleep. :) YAY me. Elisabeth's seating chart, matching table numbers, programs, and even little non-smoking signs are beautiful together. To see her whole set, click here.

My candles

When most brides walk in for a consult, they don't realize that my candles actually glow when they are lit. The entire thing lights up all of the way to the bottom of the candle. Jaimee and Dan had seen a candle burning when they picked up their invites and wanted one, but they didn't want me to cover up the candle. Oh, but they forgot to tell me that. ;) So when I sent a proof for the band, Jaimee fell in love with it. All of Jaimee's pieces together are one of my favorite sets. Her postcards with custom stamp were such a hit, she had nearly a dozen people that xeroxed it or called instead of mailing it in because they refused to return it. :) To see her whole set, click here.

Colette's wedding

I love Colette. I had never met her over the last 7 months, only emailed and talked on the phone. Colette has had the WORST experience with one of her vendors, making my job to finish her extras on time extremely difficult. But the two of us pulled together and with the help of Greg, we were able to finish everything just a few days before the wedding. And I finally got to meet Colette the day before her wedding! To see all of her extras, click here.

Arianna's Brunch

These were a blast to work on. Not only is the day after Arianna's wedding a brunch, but it is also a surprise party and roast for her father! This was a design I had in mind for a while and finally got to use it. Matching orange/peach envelopes finished the set.


I am getting asked to do more and more signs all of the time. The last three pickups this week all had different signs - non-smoking tents and birthday sign and this is Leah's sign for her photo booth. I'm so behind in posting this blog. Leah picked up her things Tuesday night and now her wedding is today! Good luck Leah. To see all of her extras - including the most names on a seating chart EVER, click here.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A NEW table number and menu

Lauren pushed me creatively for the last 7 months. I first started talking to her back in February when I was on vacation. I immediately fell in love with her, and even though I was booked, I just had to do her wedding. I am so glad I did, because her set is one of my favorites for the year. She encouraged me to do something new with the table numbers and menus and this was my solution - a card, not a tent - and the menu is displayed inside. All of her pieces are amazing together! Be sure to click here to see her signs, table numbers, seating chart, and candles.

Lauren's vintage chart

I am a huge fan of vintage and when Lauren asked me to do her seating chart, I was so excited. The ornament was meant to be used as a corner ornament, but I blew it up to fill the background. Their monogram filled the top 1/3 of the chart.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Kim's Bachelorette

Kim's friend contacted me Thursday to make Bachelorette invitations - and of course, she needed them right away. :) Luckily, she knew what she wanted and they came together really fast. To see my other B-party invites, click here.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Custom at it's fullest

Custom invitation should be just that - custom. Maureen had my most custom request ever - to put the detailing of her wedding dress on her invitations. With some edits and changes, the design came fast. Maureen is in California, so her mother picked them up yesterday. As she opened it with tears in her eyes,  I actually got the shivers because I'm more proud of this invitation than probably any I've done. To see how the design got started and to see my first 4x9 pocketfold AND first red envelopes, click here.

Design Only

I just completed my first design-only order! Marie is in Chicago and came to see me last minute when the designer she hired missed the mark on her invitations by a long shot. Design is my favorite part of the invitation process so this was a lot of fun for me. To see all of her proofs, click here.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Invites in Foreign Languages

My first foreign language product is Lora's Save the Dates in German! Andre is from Germany and nearly half of their guest list is German and does not speak English. So her Save the Dates were done in English and German. Andre's family crest adorns the card and will be the theme for their invites next year. To see all of the pieces of this set, click here.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A new menu

Krista and Matt were one of the first to take me up on the idea of putting a folded card on the table instead of a tent. Their menus are so different with the trunk of a tree running up the fold and the menu on each side. To see their wood theme reception - including seating chart - click here.